Confidential Consultation

Confidential ConsultationWhen experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, many women-and men-experience a range of emotions and may feel overwhelmed by the decision they face. Our trained client advocates are here to listen and support you. Many of our clients don’t understand what is happening to their body. Our team includes a registered nurse who is available to answer your questions about your pregnancy and sexual health.

There are things you may want to know before scheduling an abortion and we can help you with that. You may not be sure of what types of abortions are available, what will happen to your body during the procedure, or what the risks associated with an abortion are. At Care Net, you can explore your options without feeling pressured or judged.

We are able to provide information about free resources that area available to you, such places in the community that can help you with the financial and emotional aspects of proceeding with your pregnancy. We can connect you with organizations that help you explore whether making an adoption plan is a good option for you. Care Net also provides parenting classes for moms and dads to help them provide items that will help them care for their baby after birth, such as diapers and wipes and infant clothes.

We understand that all women have freedom of choice and that wise decisions cannot be made unless you are fully informed of your options and the risks. All of our services are free and confidential because the best choice is an informed choice!


“All of the services they provide.”

“Easy access, warm and caring environment.”

“Interested in helping. Non-judgmental.”

“Well organized.”

“Very positive. The knowledge that is given is most helpful.”


“Extremely sweet, made me feel like I was not alone.”