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If you are reading this, you probably think you or someone you know may be pregnant and are asking,  ‘What now?” Like any other big decision in your life, you want to understand your choices, any risks, and how the decision you make today may impact your life tomorrow. We are here to help. Our trained client advocates and nurse manager can help provide the information you need, answer medical questions you may have about pregnancy and sexual health, or just listen to your concerns.

We offer you a safe confidential environment to safely explore your options. Most clients tell us there are more options available to them than they realized. Our services are free, confidential, and respectful of you and your choice.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide if abortion is right for you:

  • Have I researched all of my options?
  • Do I understand all of the potential risks involved with each type of abortion?
  • Have I discussed my situation and my concerns with someone I can trust?
  • Have I had an ultrasound to determine if the baby has a heartbeat, is in my uterus, and to see how far along I am?
  • Do I fully understand the type of abortion I would be eligible to have based on the age of my baby?
  • Why should the abortion physician performing my procedure have admitting privileges to a local hospital?
  • Am I forgetting anything? What about adoption and parenting?

To learn more about your options and review them with a trained client advocate call us today at 908-684-3099 or text us at 908-409-3099

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If you are considering an at-home abortion there are additional risks and side effects that you should be aware of. An at-home abortion can also be called a self-induced abortion, a self-managed abortion, taking the abortion pill or, sometimes, an online abortion.

While any abortion comes with risks and side effects, there are additional facts you need to know before making the decision to end a pregnancy at home. The best decision is an informed decision.

What You Should Know


Did you take the Abortion Pill and now changed your mind?

A medical abortion is often a permanent decision, but if you have already begun this process, there is still hope to reverse it. Immediately call: 1-877-558-0333

More information on reversing this process is available so you can do everything you can to have a healthy baby.

I Want To Reverse My Abortion

Care Net Pregnancy Resources has been dedicated to helping women, men, teens, and families making unplanned pregnancy decisions since 1985. Reading this information is your first step to being informed about your choices. Making an appointment at Care Net is the next step.